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From Humble Maasai Beginnings

Born and raised in the heart of the African savanna, Salaton Ole Ntutu is a warrior, community chief, shaman, and visionary leader in the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe in Kenya.

Following traditions set by the Maasai over centuries, Salaton left his family at age 14 to begin his path to warriorship. Over the course of 7 years, he survived the hostile African bush, living amongst wild animals with nothing but his blanket and spear. Salaton refined survival skills he was taught as a young boy, further deepening his knowledge and connection with nature. Cultivating a state of being that has been virtually forgotten in the modern western world.

Salaton’s path to prominence was recognized early on as a child, when he was chosen to receive the spiritual knowledge of his ancestors. Blessed with spiritual and energetic gifts, he is known for his ability to connect with both people and nature. As a gifted shaman and leader, he has often been asked to travel with fellow warriors to offer protection and guidance. He has faced wild animals in defense, facing multiple life or death situations and forced to kill lions, leopards and buffalo with just knives and spears. 

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Global Impact & Influence

Today, Salaton is known throughout the Maasai community for his courage and wisdom. He was appointed as a young man as the cultural chief for his age set, and now an elder in his village. As a key partner and advisor for international nonprofit organizations, Chief Salaton raises awareness and funding for critical projects in Narok, Kenya, spanning numerous high-profile projects in education, health, and conservation. 

In addition to being a co-founder and director for a local school that provides safe learning environments and scholarships for vulnerable children, he also champions projects for self-sustaining livelihoods and environmental protection in his Maasai community. These efforts include a focus on quality employment opportunities, clean water and healthy food supplies, tree and bee population support, and more. His Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp also provides safe accommodation for girls evading circumcision and early marriage, and vulnerable women who are widows, or have AIDS.

Awards & Recognition

Salaton’s community work and influence has landed him prestigious awards of recognition and media coverage:

• Sacred Fire Foundation 2021 Wisdom Treasure Award [∞]
• Sacred Fire Foundation Council of Elders [∞]
• Nat Geo Traveler of the Year Shannon O’Donnell’s 2021 Responsible Tourism Article [∞]
• Keynote speaker at the Beliefs and Beyond International Conference 2018, Bangalore, India [∞]
• Salesforce exclusive Press Pause Event fireside chat, 2018 [∞]
• Leaders’ Quest International Leadership Retreat, 2016 [∞]

• 9th IIED International Community-Based Adaptation (CBA9) conference speaker delegate [∞]
• Voices for Biodiversity - A Maasai Perspective: Salaton Ole Ntutu [∞]
• NY Times Cultural Travel Feature - ‘Through the Eyes of the Maasai’ by Michael Benanav 2013 [∞]
• National coverage in news site for Championing Kenyan Culture [∞]
• Lonely Planet feature on authentic Maasai Kenyan travel experiences [∞]

Salaton Ole Ntutu - Sacred Fire Award Presentation.png
Salaton Ole Ntutu - NY Times Headline Image-min.png

A Lifetime’s Purpose

Salaton’s passion in life is to preserve his culture and environment. He travels the world to raise awareness for projects and initiatives to benefit his people. From water resource projects to the purchase of land to provide space for Maasai lifestyle to continue and thrive, his work within the local and wider Maasai community will continue to be invaluable. 

As an elder and spiritual leader Salaton has enduring commitment to his culture and the environment. Including the protection of holy and healing plants and trees, building a self-sustaining economy through tourism and food production endeavors, and support of education and training programs.

Speaking & Healing Engagements

Salaton is available for private and commercial speaking engagements as well as private healing sessions. Access to a prestigious Maasai leader and speaker has worldwide appeal. Global audiences rejoice in the opportunity to connect with a respected community chief and listen to ancient indigenous wisdom. 

Salaton has extensive speaking experience on a wide range of topics covering equality to sustainability and everything in between. Prior talks have been with Salesforce, Google, SAP, Genentech and other international companies as well as Beliefs and Beyond Conference on global spirituality in India, and Rotary International in multiple locations, as well as libraries and community centers in the US and Europe.


To book him for your next event or conference, simply get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request and talk through the requirements for covering related transport, accommodation and speaking fees.  

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