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Embrace your Wild Side with a Loita Plains & Masai Mara Off-Road Adventure!

Trek, cycle, motorcycle or off-road buggy through the Loita Plains and Masai Mara area for a full day or multi day bush camping experience. Experience a fun-filled, adrenaline-fuelled activity for all the family to enjoy. See the natural beauty of the Loita Plains and the Masai Mara from a completely new perspective. Choose from trekking with Maasai warrior guides to a fast-paced adventure with a seat in a Polaris RZR Dune Buggy. All options offer a great way to get out into nature, whilst seeing all best viewpoints and trails during your off-road adventure. 

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Ride a Boda Boda (Motorbike) Safari

Set off on a 2 hour ride across the Loita Plains with our local Maasai Boda Boda (motorbike) team! A local safari on the back of a traditional Kenyan motorcycle is an adventurous way to get an insider view of Maasai homesteads and local community. Get ready to hold on tight as you explore the forest and savanna plains of the Loita Hills.

Your skilled Boda Boda guides will pick you up from camp in the morning to start your ride through Maji Moto, as you enjoy your rollercoaster ride up and down the plains, waving your greetings to locals as you ride by. With the vast environment of the Loita Hills, wildlife is often spotted, and the views are spectacular. Weave through the wild bush in the hills to complete your journey, holding on tight as you zoom back to camp.


Tour by Bike or Buggy


All tours, whether by bicycle, motorbike or dune buggy are organized upon request with a reputable local partner. We work with only the most trusted providers with local knowledge and off-road expertise. All cycling and machinery has been checked to quality standards to ensure the safest and most fun-filled off-road experience possible. 

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Walking & Trekking by Foot


We offer a variety of trekking experiences for guests to explore the natural landscapes of Maasai land. Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu and his Maasai warriors have charted several untouched, magical treks for your  guided adventures, planned as personalized tours:

Six Days of “Being Maasai”

Live among authentic Maasai villagers, experiencing the day-to-day activities of the Maasai, their bush survival skills, and their unique way of life. End the day at our Olpul bush camp to sleep under the stars with the warriors after enjoying a delicious goat feast prepared in traditional Olpul way. As the flames of the campfire keep you warm, enjoy the front-row seat of activities as the Maasai warriors and elders share their songs, blessings and local brew.

Loita Hills to Masai Mara Game Reserve

Experience Maasai life in an authentic Maasai community, then trek across the hills to your campground in the Maasai Mara National Park, with one night camping in the bush along the way. Enjoy two days of driving safari in Maasai Mara, view the amazing array of wildlife and nature.

10 Day Group Cultural ExpeditionsTravel with a purpose, understanding and supporting endeavors toward improving the world. Trips can be planned for groups of any size, making your way through communities, markets and nature areas to fully immerse in the Kenyan experience.

For more details, contact our reservations team with your travel requirements and we will create a personalized experience with some of the most exciting, awe-inspiring off-road adventures possible.

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