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Helping the Community

Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp community presence has a determined focus to make a positive impact through our long-term commitment to Health, Education and Conservation. This includes an array of projects to support a self-sustaining Maasai community with quality employment opportunities, clean water supply and access to education.

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Community Health

Supporting essential healthcare in Maji Moto has been a major focuses since the beginning. Many  people in the local community are without means to travel to the nearest medical facility, making the presence of nearby care to those most in need extremely important. The Camp has made ongoing contributions to establishing and maintaining the local Maasai community's health. 

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Enkiteng Lepa Primary School

In partnership with Hellen Nkurayia, Salaton Ole Ntutu co-founded Enkiteng Lepa Primary School to provide subsidized education to local children in an environment that supports Maasai culture. Since opening in 2008, the school has made a real difference for hundreds of vulnerable kids, providing high quality education resulting in top academic performance. Their programs also address protecting girls from circumcision and early marriage, nutritional support with school meals. By incorporating Maasai culture in an exceptional learning environment, the school is building strength in the next generation.

Women’s Village

Created for the protection and empowerment of women who are widowed, living with AIDS, rescued from early marriage, or otherwise vulnerable, the women’s village has been safely nestled on Salaton’s land in Maji Moto land since 2006. With the support of the cultural camp, Salaton provides work opportunities and access to vital support services to give the women a chance to thrive, expanding the size of the group to more than 40 women today.

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Sustainable Conservation

Medungi Foundation was established by Salaton in 2011 to protect land for sacred and medicinal plants, trees, and cultural ceremonies as well as wildlife, including migrating elephants. Medungi provides training opportunities for youth interested in a future in wildlife conservation and guiding, as well as fortifying the bee population and maintaining water sources. “Medungi” is a Maasai word for “don’t cut”, emphasizing the importance of an unbroken connection between culture, nature, people and wildlife, and spirit.

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Travel With Purpose

Choosing the best experiences for your time in Kenya can be a real challenge, with all the wonderful options available. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends or solo, a lot of factors go into making the choices that will leave your heart satisfied with your journey. 

Travelers visiting Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp are those that cherish the opportunity to have their great adventure also give back and make a difference. We are honored to be that bridge between your unforgettable trip and a life changing experience for the local people. 

Traveling with us contributes to the sustainability of the local Maasai community with employment and job training, protection of the environment with our eco-friendly facilities and practices, food security for families, and investing in the future through education. A portion of every visit is used to support local projects. 

If you’re inspired to become a part of our local community and experience the magic of our Maasai cultural camp, click on the booking link below and bring the dream to life. 

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