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Our Sustainable Eco-System

The Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp cares deeply about preserving our planet. Since opening to tourism in 2003, we have introduced several carbon neutral initiatives to bring camp life in harmony with our shared natural environment. 

Local & Fresh Food Preparation

The camp has adopted eco-friendly processes that have eliminated nearly all plastics and packaging waste involved in guest food preparation. 

Lowering Emissions

Since 2019 the camp has converted to higher efficiency vehicles and implemented practices for more efficient road travel. 

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Natural Hot Water Showers

Unlike other camps within Kenya, Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp does not burn firewood all day, everyday, to provide heated shower water. Instead we offer scheduled times for hot water to be pumped via energy-efficient turbines from the local hot spring.  

Renewable Energy Sources

We power the camp with electricity from a mix of renewable and grid energy sources. Using natural resources like solar energy has positively contributed to lowering the camp’s carbon footprint and reducing our impact on non-renewable resources.

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