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Experience the Exceptional…

Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp is home to some of the most authentic, breathtaking Maasai experiences. 
All cultural activities and insights are included as part of your stay with us:

Meet Maasai Tribesmen & Women main pic.png

Meet Maasai Tribesmen & Women

Get an authentic, up close and personal experience with real Maasai tribe people

Maji moto Maasai Camp Warrior Training Main.png

Maasai Warrior Training

Learn what it takes to become a Maasai Warrior with personal training from real warrior guides

Maji moto maasai cultural camp walk in nature main.png

Walk In Nature

Walk tall with Maasai tribesmen through the Loita Hills and natural landscapes of Maji Moto

Maji moto maasai cultural camp natures gift main.png

Nature's Gift

Learn about local wildlife, trekking as nomads, and the plants that are vital to Maasai traditions

Maji moto hot spring bathing.png

Hot-Spring Bathing

Relax, unwind and bathe in the mineral rich volcanic hot-spring that Maji Moto is famous for

Maji moto maasai cultural camp immerse in Maasai Life main.png

Immerse in Traditional Maasai Life

See traditional Manyatta homes in an onsite Maasai women’s village for a look at daily life and crafts

Maji moto maasai cultural camp school visit main.png

Maasai School Visit

Visit a Maasai primary school benefiting the community’s youngest minds whilst reinforcing culture

Campfire stories included activities at maji moto maasai-min.png

Campfire Stories

Soak up the magical evening starlight and ancient Maasai stories and songs with Warriors at the campfire

Maji moto maasai cultural camp track wildlife main.png

Track Wildlife

Enjoy the exciting wildlife that call Loita Hills and Plains home with your skilled local Maasai guide

Maji moto Maasai cultural camp bush living.png

The Art of Bush Living

Learn vital Maasai bush skills such as fire making, herb uses, coexisting with wildlife and more

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